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Live life.

The life you want, And the life you have; The life you live Is the life you have. Love it or loathe it – Embrace it; Live it! (Inspired by this.)

Easter reflections.

To take offense is to expect the other person to have behaved differently, is to assume he is better than he is, is to put him on a pedestal. But isn't the highest pedestal reserved only for God, and isn't... Continue Reading →

Grey matter.

As a self-proclaimed keen observer of life, the one who is the most unfortunate recipient of my creepy tendencies is of course, myself. In recent weeks, I have noticed my unsightly habit of writing my sevens with a distasteful horizontal... Continue Reading →


I saw three pigeons crossing the street hastily, heads bobbing in unison as they went about their birdy business pecking for food. Sunlight reflecting off their grey feathers, they looked resplendent, almost royal, despite being at the bottom of the... Continue Reading →

Uber stories: #2

It was a sunny Sunday morning when I met Mohd Zan. "Hi, miss! Pergi church?" "Yup" As he drove, I retrieved my notes from my bag, flipping frantically trying to get some last minute studying done. "Ade event ke?" "Oh... Continue Reading →

Scones aren’t meant to be eaten alone.

I was pleased to bump into an uncle I haven't seen in over ten years, a good old friend of my parents. (In this part of the world, everybody of the older generation can be addressed as one's "uncle" or... Continue Reading →

Protected: Faith & Familiarity.

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Uber stories: #1

Monday morning surprise from my Uber driver :) Mr Ng is a typical Malaysian uncle who somehow manages to keep his whole house in all the pockets of his car. When I got in, balancing my hot latte that just... Continue Reading →

Blood is thicker than water.

​Education may be the great equalizer, but the playing field is never quite level terrain.  You are more than the sum of the parts of your résumé. You are your parents' child.  We find our parents in the way we... Continue Reading →

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