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pondering the complexities of life

Life is but a dream.

It’s been awhile since something like this happened. Waking up in the middle of the night, or perhaps it was closer to dawn - with a pulsing headache, stiff shoulders, feeling hot and cold all at the same time. It’s... Continue Reading →


A more weathered kind of love.

Joy is found in the most unlikely of places.

If x, then y.

Logic, my old friend, He makes so much sense; Reasoning, my companion, She makes my decisions. What is right surely is foolproof; What can't go wrong surely can't hurt. Isn't life more than a repository of formulas? Doesn't life take... Continue Reading →

Fare thee well, my phone back button.

The very first apparent struggle one who is a long-time Android user switching over to the abominable iPhone faces is the lack of the back button. This leads to many a frustrating episode of fiddling with the blank space situated... Continue Reading →

Talking to the moon.

Tonight we stood and watched the moon. Tonight we marvelled at the clouds, drifting above. How do you know He hears? How do you tell He cares? In the silence He is nowhere, In nothingness He is now here.

Live life.

The life you want, And the life you have; The life you live Is the life you have. Love it or loathe it – Embrace it; Live it! (Inspired by this.)

Easter reflections.

To take offense is to expect the other person to have behaved differently, is to assume he is better than he is, is to put him on a pedestal. But isn't the highest pedestal reserved only for God, and isn't... Continue Reading →

Grey matter.

As a self-proclaimed keen observer of life, the one who is the most unfortunate recipient of my creepy tendencies is of course, myself. In recent weeks, I have noticed my unsightly habit of writing my sevens with a distasteful horizontal... Continue Reading →


I saw three pigeons crossing the street hastily, heads bobbing in unison as they went about their birdy business pecking for food. Sunlight reflecting off their grey feathers, they looked resplendent, almost royal, despite being at the bottom of the... Continue Reading →

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